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"Finally, a Music CD for Your Child with Their Name in Every Song!"

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Dear Frustrated Parent,

Your children are your pride and joy.

Their happiness is important to you, and you do everything you can to maintain it.

The problem is, you can’t always find new and fun ways to keep them happy.

They have toys that used to thrill them, but are now dust collectors……you can’t afford to take them to the amusement park every day…….

Are you looking for a low cost, new way to keep them happy?

Is this desire almost impossible to fulfill?

The Shocking Truth Revealed:

The truth is there is a way to keep them entertained for hours upon hours.

And at this point, all you need to do is read a bit further to find it…

“My Personalized CD”

Music is a great way to entertain children.

Music that they can directly relate to is even better.

This reason is why personalized CDs have the power to keep children entertained and happy for long periods of time.

When considering the money spent on toys that your children don’t even play with anymore, the number you will come up with will be amazing.

Why not spend less and get more for your money?

“Every CD is Personalized”

Every CD comes with a personalized case insert– This personalized insert includes the child’s name.  Nothing will make the recipient of this gift happier than seeing their very own name emblazoned across the front of this CD.

A Sense of Pride – The recipient will gain a sense of pride knowing that this gift was made especially for them..

You owe it to the children in your life to give them a gift that is fun, educational, and confidence building..

Success Stories

“I have been trying to get my son into music for a year now.  I’ve bought him little drums, a keyboard, and a guitar.  The problem is none of these instruments have been able to keep his attention.  That’s why I was thrilled when I came across these personalized CDs!  The CDs are made custom for my child’s name, which gave them a reason to listen!  My Billy adores hearing his name, and has now started trying to play to the music with the old instruments I bought him!”


“If you’re like me, you know how hard it is to find gifts that will keep your child’s attention for longer than 15 minutes.  That’s why I was thrilled to find this website!  The CDs that they created for my two little girls are absolutely amazing!  They love their CDs, and they don’t want to go to bed without hearing a few of their favorite songs off it every night!  I would recommend these CDs to anyone who wants to give their kids a lasting gift!”


A Professional Touch

Factory Sealed

Each personalized CD case is factory sealed before shipping.

This will give the CD a professional look like any CD bought at the store, unlike the other personalized CDs that are available.

Pure Joy

The child will be ecstatic that they can tear open a brand new CD with their name on it!

EIGHT Personalized Songs

Each CD has EIGHT personalized songs for you and your child to enjoy!

Trying to find songs with your child’s name in them is a hassle.

This personalized CD will have eight such songs, and will keep your child’s interest!

Even with parents, this CD has great replay value!

We Have Your Child’s Name Available!

The available names are listed below, and remember, THESE CDS ARE NOT SOLD IN STORES!

PLEASE NOTE:  The spelling of these names can vary.  The name on the case inserts can be spelled however the child spells his/her name.

Aaliyah Aaron Abbey Abbigail Abel Abraham Abram Adam Addison Adeline Adriahna Adrian Ahmad Ahmed Ahndrea Ahnna Aidan Ainsley Albert Alberto Aldo Aleah Alec Alejandra Alejandro Alena Alex Alexa Alexahndria Alexander Alexandria Alexia Alexis Alfredo Alice Alicia Alina Alissa Allen Allie Allison Alma Alondra Alonso Alvin Amanda Amari Amaya Amber Amelia Amir Amy Andre Andrea Andrew Andy Angel Angela Angelica Angelina Angelique Angelo Angie Anika Anissa Anita Aniyah Ann Anna Anna Marie Annabel Annalise Annette Annie Antenette Anthony Antoinette Antonio April Ariana Ariel Arlene Armando Armani Arthur Arturo Asher Ashlee Ashlyn Ashton Asia Aspen Aubree Audrey Aurora Austin Ava Avery Axel Ayana

Bailee Barbara Barret Barry Ben Benjamin Bennett Bethany Beverly Bianca Billy Blaine Blake Blanca Bo Bobby Bonnie Brad Bradford Bradley Brandon Brandt Brandy Braxton Brayden Breanne Brenda Brendon Brenna Brennan Brent Bret Bria Briahna Brian Brianna Bridget Britney Brock Broderick Brodie Brook Brooklyn Bruce Bryant Bryce Brycen Byron

Cade Caden Caitlin Caleb Caleigh Calista Callum Calvin Camden Cameron Camila Camille Candace Carl Carlee Carlos Carmen Carol Carolina Caroline Carolyn Carrie Carson Carter Casandra Cassidy Cassie Catherine Ceasar Cecelia Cedric Celeste Celine Cesar Chad Chance Chandler Chanel Chantel Charity Charles Charlie Charlotte Chase Chaz Chelsea Cheyanne Chloe Chris Christian Christina Christine Christopher Christy Cielo Cindy Citlali Claira Claire Clara Clarence Clarissa Clark Claudia Clay Clayton Cody Colby Cole Coleman Colen Colin Colleen Colten Conner Cooper Cora Corbin Cordell Corey Corina Cortney Craig Cristal Curtis Cynthia Cyrus

Daisy Dakota Dallas Dalton Damian Damon Dana Dane Daniel Danielle Danny Dante Darcy Darian Darion Darius Darlene Darren Darryl David Davion Davis Dawn Dawson Dayana Dayton Dean Deandrau Deandre Deanna Debbie Deborah Declan Deja Delaney Delia Delilah Demetrius Denise Dennis Denver Derek Deshawn Desirae Desmond Destiney Deven Diana Diane Diego Dillon Dohminique Dominic Dominique Don Donald Donavan Donnie Dorian Douglas Drake Drew Duncan Dustin Dwayne

Easton Ebony Ed Eddie Eden Edgar Edith Eduardo Edward Edwin Elaine Eleanor Eleena Elena Eli Elian Eliana Elias Elijah Elisabeth Elise Eliza Ella Ellen Ellie Elliot Elvin Elvis Emanuel Emilio Emily Emma Enrique Eric Erica Ernesto Esmeralda Esteban Esther Ethan Eugene Eva Evan Eve Evelyn Everett Eyean Ezekiel Ezra

Faith Felicia Fernando Fernaundo Fiona Francesca Franchesca Francis Frank Frankie Franklin Fred Frederick

Gabriel Gabriela Gage Gahbrielle Garett Gary Genevieve George Georgia Georgina Gerald Gerard Giana Gina Giselle Glenn Gloria Grace Gracie Graciela Grant Gregory Griffin Guy Gwendolyn

Hailey Hanna Hannah Hans Harley Harry Heather Heaven Hector Heidi Helaina Helen Helena Henry Herbert Holly Hope Hunter

Ian India Iris Irvin Isaac Isabel Isabela Isaiah Ismael Ismiel Israel Ivan Ivy

Jack Jackie Jackson Jacob Jacquelyn Jade Jaden Jai Jake Jamal Jamel James Jameson Jamie Jan Janelle Janet Janice Janie Jared Jarrett Jarvis Jasmin Jason Jasper Jay Jayda Jazlyn Jean Jeanette Jeff Jeffery Jemma Jena Jennifer Jenny Jeremy Jermaine Jerome Jerry Jessica Jessie Jesus Jett Jillian Jimmie Joan Joanna Jocelyn Jodi Joey John Johnnie Jonah Jonathan Jordan Jose Joseph Josephin Josh Joshua Josiah Josie Journey Joy Joyce Juan Jude Judith Julia Juliahna Julian Juliana Julianne Julie Juliet Julio Junior Justice Justin Justina Justine

Kai Kailyn Kara Karen Karina Karissa Karla Kasey Kate Katerina Kathleen Kathy Katie Katlyn Katrina Kayla Kaylee Keanu Keaton Keegan Keenan Keith Kelli Kelsey Kelvin Kendal Kendra Kendrick Kenia Kennedy Kenneth Kenny Kenya Kenzie Kevin Kiaira Kieran Kiersten Kimberly Kirsten Koby Krista Kristen Kurt Kyla Kyle Kylee Kyra Kyree

Lacey Lance Landen Lane Laney Larissa Larry Laura Laurel Lauren Lawrence Layla Lea Leann Leanna Lee Leo Leon Leonard Leonardo Lesley Leticia Levi Lewis Lexi Lexus Lilian Liliana Lillie Lina Linda Lindsay Lisa Lisette Lizbeth Logan Lorenzo Lourdes Lucas Luchia Lucia Lucy Luke Lydia

Mackenzie Maddison Madelynn Maggie Makayla Makenna Malcolm Mallory Manual Manuel Marco Marcus Margaret Margarita Maria Mariah Marianna Marie Marilyn Mario Marisa Marisol Maritza Mark Marshall Martha Martin Marvin Mary Mary-Anne Mathew Matilda Maureen Maurice Max Maxim Maximilian Maxwell Maya Mayra Meagan Meg Melanie Melinda Melisa Melody Melvin Mercedes Meredith Mia Micah Michael Michele Miguel Mike Miles Millie Miracle Miranda Miriam Misty Mitchel Mohamed Mollie Monica Monique Montana Morgan Moses Mya Myra

Nadia Nadine Nancy Naomi Natalia Natalie Natasha Nathan Nathaniel Neal Nelson Nia Nicholas Nick Nicole Nicolette Nikita Nikki Nina Noah Noel Nolan

Oliver Omar Orlando Oscar Owen

Pablo Paige Pamela Paris Patricia Patrick Paul Paula Paulina Peter Peyton Philip Phoebe Phoenix Pierce Piper Precious Princess Priscilla

Quincy Quinn

Rachael Raegan Rafael Ramon Randall Randy Raquel Raul Raven Raymond Rebeca Reece Reed Reginald Reina Rey Ricardo Richard Rick Rickey Riley River Robert Roberto Robin Rocky Rodney Rodolfo Rodrigo Roger Rolando Roman Ronald Ronnie Rosa Rosalinda Rose Rosemary Ross Roy Ruben Ruby Rudy Russell Ruth Ryan

Sabrina Sade Sadie Sage Sahndra Sally Salvador Salvatore Sam Samantha Sammy Samuel Sandra Sandy Sarah Sarina Sasha Saul Savana Sawyer Scarlett Scott Sebastian Selena Seth Shaina Shakira Shane Shania Shannon Sharon Shaun Shawna Shayla Shea Sheila Shelby Sheldon Sierra Simon Simone Skye Skylar Sofia Solomon Sonia Sophie Spencer Stacey Stanley Star Stefanie Stephan Stephen Steve Steven Stewart Summer Susan Susana Sydnee Sylvia

Tabitha Tahra Tamaira Tamara Tamaura Tamia Tanner Tara Tasia Tate Tatiana Tatum Taylor Terence Teresa Terrell Terresa Terry Tessa Theodore Thomas Tia Tiana Tiara Tiffany Timothy Toby Todd Tomas Tommy Tony Tori Tracy Travis Trent Trenton Trevan Trevor Trey Trinity Trisha Tristan Tristian Troy Tucker Ty Tyler Tyra Tyree Tyrell Tyrese Tyrone

Valaria Valeria Valerie Vance Vanessa Veronica Vick Victor Vincent Vincenzo Virginia Vivian Viviana

Wade Walker Walter Warren Wayne Wendy Wesley Whitney Will William Willie Wilson

Yan Yolanda

Zac Zachary Zoe

Our Guarantee!

Your child will enjoy many hours of listening to music…
Songs with your child’s very own name in them will build their confidence…
You will receive the CD quickly & it will be FACTORY SEALED!
And you will rest assured that you purchased your CD from a leader in the personalized CD industry.

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I will give my child a personalized CD that they will love…
I will enjoy the happiness on my childs face as they see their name on the CD cover…
And I will also enjoy the laughter and singing-a-long that will soon accompany that initial burst of happiness…

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